Promoting our culture and producing import substitution goods

Tabor started with old machineries that were part of the privatization process but have gone through several renewal phases and today installs and operates with state-of the-art machineries that the world has to offer today which has enable the factory to increase its production capacity to fulfil increasing demands.


Tabor ceramics is currently in the midst of a large-scale expansion to increase the output of tiles products, sanitary ware products, and ceramic insulator lines. Our large-scale expansion includes a new tiles factory. It will help increase production- from 6000 square meters to 30,000 square meters per day. Consequently, the sanitary ware and insulator lines are expected to triple in production. The new tiles factory line will also be producing porcelain tiles. It is a new product with higher quality, and it is going to be produced for the first time in Ethiopia. Tabor has started producing electrical protection products that the Ethiopia spends much needed foreign currency to import. We will save the country a great deal of foreign currency by producing the products in high quality by ourselves in our factory. These products include composite insulator, HRC fuse, Fuse base, Fuse box, Surge arrestor and dropout fuse.


Vertical Auger Screw

Hrc Fuse link

Vertical Auger Screw




What makes our product different?

  • We have experienced professionals
  • We are able to cater to the individual requirements of our clients in a most efficient manner.
  • Our products are aesthetically pleasing
  • Modern tools and technologies are used in the manufacturing process. google sites unblocked bit life funny shooter 2 slope paperio io games unblocked io games unblocked games unblocked