About Us

TABOR CERAMIC PRODUCTS SHARE COMPANY commonly known as TABOR CERAMICS is a targeted industrial scale producer of ceramic products in Ethiopia. Tabor ceramics was established by the Ethiopian government as a state enterprise in 1988 G.C. The company was then sold in 2011 to a family business by the name of kokeb flour factory, through the privatization program, a company owned by Teshome Belamo and his four children. Tabor Ceramics is one of the earlies of companies in Ethiopia still going strong for more than four decades. In the year 2019, the shareholding structure was modifying, and it is now in the name of Mr. Teshome Belmao’s eight children. Mr. Teshome Belamo is a business man with a strong and successful track record of running business in Ethiopia. He also runs a family business that incorporates Altehet Industrial PLC that trade in coffee business and a floor factory named Kokeb flour factory.

Tabor has ambitious plans to explore new markets and expand our reach to international corners while still growing locally. We are working on our certification and improving quality to export to nearby countries in Africa and middle east as well. This will amount to be a great milestone that will raise the level of productivity to country’s manufacturing and export sectors. Specifically speaking, we are currently working on the expansion project for the porcelain tiles and 60×60 ceramic tiles and it plans to expand the work of high voltage electrical equipment productions.

Our Mission

Providing high-quality, long-lasting, and customizable products with grace and beauty on a consistent basis.

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